Saturday, June 16, 2012

MIA, but Back on Bike

This was a crazy week.  The good news is that I got more work done than I have in ages, but the bad news is that I hardly got anything ELSE done.  And most of it was scutmonkey work for others on top of everything.  I had a friend who was majorly behind on a structural building plan so I did a crap-ton of drafting for him and then my surveyor friend asked if I could also do some drafting on a survey for him (which was much more involved than I had imagined, but we got it done).  I worked through lunch on two or three days and worked late one night before a SWE meeting at six (where I stuffed myself with Shakespeares Pizza - ugh).  Not a good week for workouts!

I did take my daughter to her first ever open track meet.  My daughter came in 5th on the 200 m, 2nd (out of 2 in her age group) in the 800 m and got a participant ribbon for trying the high jump which she wasn't coordinated enough to figure out.  She kind of fell apart on the 2nd lap of the 800.  It was sort of an ugly finish with hyperventilation, sobbing and tears.  She wants to stick to the shorter distance next time.  She picked these events because her friend was doing them (the one that came in 2nd and 1st on the 200 and 800 respectively).  But it was an interesting evening and they got a little popcicle at the end.  They have 2 more meets next week (they are like an hour each) and two the following week so we'll probably try it again.  I'll try not to be a loser mom and get pics next time.

I had the house mostly to myself last night while the boys were working a charity fish fry and my daughter had been picked up by a friend.  But I wussed out and plopped down to catch up on some TV.  So this morning it was time to suck it up.  I had organized a meetup with Walter from the CMC ride a couple weeks back.  He asked if I wanted to do 30, 40, or 50 miles.  Umm....if those are my options I pick "30".  I hated to tell him that I'd never done more than 34!  And it was supposed to get hot so we agreed to go at 7 from my house after a few texts back and forth.  He apparently rides with a group here in town a lot and this was mostly one of their "regular" routes.  Right down to being able to tell me when to ride around some upcoming broken glass!  But it was pretty FAR for me (and that is even without all the blasted HILLS)! 

We got sunscreened up and headed out.  He had to make a quick pit stop at a gas station to drop off his morning coffee just like 2 miles in.  Next time I'll tell him it is ok to pee at my house!  But I waited at the top of the rock cut hill for him and it wasn't very long until he was back.  On out my normal cross-town route until we turned to go out Rainbow past Binder Lake (and back up the wicked hill) to St. Martins.  We cut off a short out and back because of adding the miles on the beginning and end from my house.  So we rode out towards Lohman and back around to the SW side of town and then Ellis/Seven Hills/Eastland toward home.  The Doehla hill was an ass kicker after about 28 miles behind us.  But shortly we were coasting onto my street and the fun was over for a total of 30.3 mi according to his bike computer.  I bought one of those and need to get it on my bike as I usually don't know how far I am until I come home and map it.

I got him some cold water while he loaded up, we high-5'd and then I went back in the house to cool off myself.  Totally forgot to get a picture!  Surfed some blogs and then it was time to pick up my girl from her sleepover.  The house she was at is new (a former neighbor down the street that now lives about 15 min away) so I took the grand tour and visited and before long we were late to get back to the house in order to leave for a birthday party at the swimming pool across town.  Chauffer duties never cease!  I did ask the mom to bring her home as I just didn't want to get out again today.  Lazy mom!  So I'm enjoying some more down time today while I finish the last load of laundry. 

This coming week my son will be at Scout camp (sleepaway) so it will just be me and my girl.  I have a couple of meetings to go to so I'll see if my father-in-law can keep her for part of a day or two.  Somewhere in there I hope to get in a swim or a run as I am woefully not following my workout plans.  Hopefully today counts as like 2 or something.


  1. Hey, look at you...another 30+ mile ride! Of course, after your first one, this one HAD to be easier!

    I'll be at Scout camp next week myself with my 8 year old. His age still has to have a parent there for sleepaway camp, and since I'm summer unemployed, I'm the lucky winner. :)

  2. Jeez, I'm exhausted reading what you've accomplish!!! Great 30 mile ride!

  3. Congrats on the 30 miler! And congrats to your daughter for the track meet. She did awesome!

  4. Yay for getting back on the bike! You have been CRAZY busy!

  5. You are getting used to 30 milers :)

  6. Another 30+ miler in the books. Soon they will feel routine.