Sunday, June 10, 2012

Better than nothing

My busy life continues to get in the way, but along the lines of "better than nothing", my sis and I went for a short run on Saturday in the 90°+ heat/humidity.  I wasn't feeling it, but I never really am when it comes to running so time to just suck it up.  She doesn't like to stop and walk so I didn't do as much walking as I probably would have without her.  But 2.5 miles is still on the books that wouldn't have been without a little nudge from her.

Last night we enjoyed mass and a dinner/dance in honor of the 50th anniversary of my husband's uncle and aunt.  It was quite the affair with a live country band and the usual fried chicken fare found at any central Missouri Catholic gathering.  I don't think his uncle sat out one dance - not bad for a 70+ year old guy!  He has five children and a number of grandchildren and I think each female (daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter) was given at least one spin around the floor (whether they wanted to or not!).  But I ate too much as usual.  Mashed potatoes get me every time.

Today my sis went back to WI and we hung around the house most of the day.  This afternoon/evening, we went to a parish picnic in Loose Creek for some more evil fried chicken and potatoes (oh, and pecan pie this time too - geez, that clean diet bandwagon isn't even visible from here).  My husband challenged our son to a bike ride so I took him on about a 2.6 mile ride down the hill and back.  I barely got warmed up, but again - better than nothing.

My sister kind of kicked me in the pants over not following any kind of training plan for the sprint we are doing in July (four weeks from today) so I'm going to try the plan from the book I followed last year.  It is a six-week plan and I have enough base that I'm not worried about skipping the first couple of weeks.  Will be a busy week with trying to get a ton of work done while my daughter is in day camp plus trying to get in some workouts as well as the usual softball game, piano, softball practice, etc.  There is also an open track meet for kids that I heard about on Tue/Thur this month at the high school our kids will go to (Helias Catholic HS) that I want to take at least my daughter over to.  Because we aren't quite busy enough in the evenings. :)


  1. Way to work things in around life. Funny how running with your sister you have to step it up more. I have some friends who I know will let me slack off and others with whom I won't try to walk unless I really need to.

    Good luck getting back on the plan!

  2. Better than nothing works. I think we have all had those days when things don't work out well for a training day whether it be family, job or just feeling a bit off kilter for a scheduled training day. Being able to put in a bit of training is truly better than nothing.

  3. Having family and friends that keep you accountable is priceless

  4. A plan will definitely help, I'm so much further along than if I had just winged it!

  5. Better than nothing is good too. You gotta live after all and fit training in when you can.

    Yum, love mashed potatoes and gravy too....