Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Run of School Year

Well, today at 1 PM I picked up the kids as they said goodbye to their school for the summer.  Despite 4th quarter's downward trend in grades, the boy (who also turned 11 today) will be passed on to 6th grade though he didn't make honor roll this quarter due to a D in Science.  Oops.  Of course, my sweet girl will be a 3rd grader come August (though is now if you ask her).  She needs to work on math facts over the summer, but had a great report card too.  Both will be home with me off and on all summer and I'm still a bit stumped on how I'm going to manage that and continue to get any work done.  I'm assuming bribery will be involved (plus a couple day camps and Boy Scout sleepaway camp).

But in our last moments of school freedom from our kids, Susan and I went for a little run.  I ran an errand after dropoff and she rode to work (downtown) with her husband so she could add some mileage on.  I met her back at school and ran to her house which was around 3.5 miles for me and probably 5.5 or so for her.  The weather was beautiful and we sat on her deck drinking our water before she drove me back to pick up my car.  Life is good.

Still need to wrap a few things for the boy's birthday and go pick up one more gift and a card when I go to the bank.  Tonight, he decided we're going to Pizza Haus for dinner (local fave).  Will be nice to get to bed early after a late ballgame last night kept us up past all bedtimes. 

Welcome summer - please don't let me wish you away.  Let me remember that it is perfectly acceptable to celebrate a fun last day of school with sodas as big as your head:

We measured and the sodas were bigger than their heads!
Two on left are officially mine, boy on right is neighbor that we share rides with,
but despite his stature is 3 weeks older than my girl.


  1. Love how they stoop down to get to his level. Can't believe how early they are done!

  2. I take it you have a good supply of duct tape laid in?

  3. Our schools go till almost the end of June. Mine are only in preschool a couple days a week, but I'm going to miss it...

  4. When do your kids go back? We are not out until 6/19...