Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy Weekend (Bike Ride)

Saturday was filled with some the usual busy stuff - piano lesson, laundry and more laundry.  My daughter also had her first piano recital (though a low key affair).  I enjoyed listening to the older students who played some nice pieces.  Later in the afternoon/evening, we went to our neighbors' for a birthday party/bbq for their 1 year old son.  I snuck off later to hit the store and then bake a cake for my daughter's party today.

Got up early this morning and was on the road before 6:30 AM.  The air was cool-ish at 70°, but when it later got well into the 90's I was thankful for going early!  I headed east and dropped my chain on a big hill less than 3 miles in.  Grr...Had a bit of a time getting it back on.  Back on the bike and huffed up the next hill, then on towards and around the Capitol and out to the fairgrounds where I turned around and headed back.  Made it up the big hill by the national cemetery (first time ever!) and also up Doehla (steep ass hill just before home - never before either).  I was starting to wish the ride was over and soon enough it was.  YAY!!!  For a total T.i.t.S. of 1 hr 56 min (well, including the chain fiasco at the beginning) and 23.3 miles - my longest ride ever!  Go me!!  Though the thought of adding a long swim and long run plus a few more miles on the bike seemed a bit far fetched.

And back in time for everyone at home to just be rolling out of bed.  I got cleaned up and went right to work on icing my daughter's cake, making fruit salad and green salad, sending dh to the grocery store and getting myself organized for the day.  Before long we were doing hair and getting our dress clothes on for the pictures and hubbub of her first communion.  Thankfully, mass went fairly smooth even with over 40 kids taking their first communion (and all the extended families there).  By 4 PM, we were eating fresh Lee's chicken and biscuits and all the sides we'd prepared followed by a few gifts and cake.  It was hot, but the kids played outside and had a great time.  Dh and I went for a walk after everything was pretty much cleaned up. 

Now it is time to face another week.  Last volleyball game, first softball practice, boy scouts, etc.  Pretty much par for the course.  Will leave you with a pic of my sweet angel all dressed up and ready to go:
Dress was new, but the veil is what I wore when I married her dad. 
They grow up so fast **sniff**


  1. Wow, busy day! Good for you getting up early to get a nice long ride in. Congrats on your longest ride yet and making it up some steep hills too.

    Lovely picture of your daughter! They do grow up way too fast.

  2. Looks like you had a full, but rewarding weekend. Props on your longest bike ride. That is a satisfying feeling for sure.

    I remembering sitting through recitals. I was bad because I would only pay attention to my son (no matter how good or bad it was) and maybe one or two other standouts. Otherwise I was bored to tears.

  3. Oh, how sweet that she wore your veil. :) I was thinking how much more fun it must be for the moms of girls than boys. But easier to be the mom of boys...not so much dressing up.

  4. Seems like I've spent years of my life at recitals. The first are so cute. The thousandth, a little less so. Maybe I'm exaggerating but not by much in the count. Now my kids are so good they want them to perform to show the little kids what they can become.

    Great picture.