Saturday, May 19, 2012

Breezy Brick

Admittedly, I've been blowing off brick workouts since the duathlon in April.  I needed to suck it up and get this done even if not a terribly long one.  So today, after I took my girl to piano and then out to help her dad with a project and before taking four 11 year old boys to see "The Avengers" and eat Mexican for my son's pre-birthday, I headed out on a bike ride close to home.  I did 10 miles in about 46 min which wasn't bad considering it was 90° and breezy (though not insanely humid).  Followed it up with just under 2 miles in about 26 min (nothing impressive pace-wise, but I wasn't feeling it so I was glad to just get it done).  I couldn't decide if the breeze was nice (making it less hot) or mean (having to pedal against it). 

Been enjoying a few min of IronmanLive at IMTX.  The pros never cease to amaze me.  I was excited to see that a local gal that is debuting as a pro today (Jackie Pearce) finished the first 56 mi on the bike in 10th place.  Yay!  Go Jackie!  I also checked to see how Jason and a few other bloggers are doing.  Can't wait to read all the race reports! 

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  1. You had a pretty big day even before your brick. I have been neglected my brick workouts too. Now I am inspired to "git er done"!