Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching Up

Monday was a rest day after the long bike ride on Sunday.  Tuesday I struck out getting Susan to run with me because of her numerous errands.  I never drug myself out to get it done.

Since it was so nice after school, my friend Tania wanted to take the kids on a bike ride.  My husband and put away my mountain bike (under the stairs in the basement) and I knew the ride would be pretty short so I just went on my road bike.  FAIL!  I was standing (as in still) at an intersection trying to account for the four children while Tania stopped to talk to a neighbor and somehow lost my balance and fell to the other side (standing on left foot and fell to the right which was still clipped in).  All I can say (that isn't profane) is OUCH!!  My elbow looked like I'd run it across a cheese grater and then whacked it on something really hard, my shoulder has a pretty good abrasion and is super sore and I got some minor scrapes on my leg, a bruise on my hip and on pelvis from catching the seat in my crotch. 

I felt like an utter dork!!  Trying not to freak out my daughter who was standing there I tried to shake it off, but holy freakin' hell I was not feeling ok.  Then my son says he's dropped his chain and can't get it back on.  So I had him bring it to me and told him to hold my bike while I fixed his.  Got it back on and just as I was wiping my hands, he was jacking around showing one of the other kids how light my road bike is and was somehow bouncing it on the ground (ACK!) and knocked the chain off of it!  I was beyond annoyed with him as it jammed the chain between two pieces of metal and I finally got it yanked back up and put back into place.  Needless to say, we headed home.  I was severely covered (as in black hands) in grease and the entire right side of my body hurt - all for a one freakin' mile bike ride with the kids. 

Later, I was busy leading a Brownie troop learning all about "Water Everywhere".  On the way home, I struck out with Stacy who was busy at a son's ballgame and couldn't come to run.  So the one mile bike ride was all I got on Tue.  I woke up pretty sore and felt kind of beat up on Wed morning, but there was no way I wanted another week to go by without a swim.  I also hoped it would help loosen everything up to get out moving.  Oh, and I got the new swimsuit from, but I totally struck out on using measurements to try to figure out sizing.  Very depressing. 

So after a morning of doing some work for a surveyor friend, I headed over to Dick's Sporting Goods to see about plunking down the cash for a good swimsuit.  It was the most demoralizing half hour of my life.  It was like the last year of fitness and weight loss hadn't happened.  I tried on the next size up from what I had ordered - nope.  Even though the little size conversion chart on the tag indicated it should be more than big enough.  Tried another size up and it was close, but I still wasn't loving it and I decided that I didn't need to spend $50 on something I didn't really like.  I can go to Walmart and spend $10 on something like that.  I fucking hate swimsuits.  What is it Dicks?  Do you really think everyone who swims for fitness is a size 0?  Ugh - I tried on the biggest one that they had and I still felt like a total cow - too tight in the hips, but saggy in the bust.  Not all fat chicks have boobs you nincompoops!  So I left and put on my baggy, worn out Walmart suit from last year to get into the pool at the ARC.

Now remember that nasty conference call with the arm/shoulder/leg was NOT happy about the swimming. But I needed to get it done so I just sucked it up.  I tried to hum, pray, count or do whatever to get the 35-40 min to pass.  I couldn't keep count so I'm guessing at the yardage.  Maybe someday I'll get a sweet watch like Kepa that can count for me.  But I got it done and headed home. 

Hubbie was mowing grass and I chilled out for a bit before taking daughter to softball practice, standing around, coming home and making the kids dinner.  Took my son on a walk with a little running here and there.  We just went around the neighborhood.  And after I got everyone run through the shower and headed towards bed, Stacy came over for a late run (our husbands were at the same Knights of Columbus meeting so we didn't get going until close to nine).  We did a pretty short route for us, but it was nice to catch up with her a bit and get some more running in.  Between the two outings, it was 4.61 mi so not bad at all including a couple big hills.

This morning I totally enjoyed a cut/color/express pedicure.  My gray hair was getting on my nerves (I only have one spot and as it grows out, it looks totally goofy).  It will be nice to rock my pink toenails at the pool next week (probably with kids in tow).  Today is bank deposit day so if I can face it with all the soreness (that I now seem to have all over my body, not just the right side), I will do a Walmart 5K and get that dropped off [EDIT: Got this errand RAN/jogged/walked before picking up kids from school!].  It is sunny and warm and the kids are out of school come Tue at 1.  I should enjoy the peace and quiet while I can.  Might even drop the $10-$15 for a new swimsuit that I don't love, but at least isn't completely too big and worn out.


  1. Sounds like a rough day! Falling on your bike while clipped in is the worst, but it happens to everyone at least once ;) And I think whoever makes the sizing charts for bathing suits needs to be smacked! It's all a cruel joke! They never fit right no matter what your size, and somewhere, someone is laughing about that! Good job on getting the workouts done!

  2. Holy smokes! What a day! I hope your wounds heal fast and your new suit isn't too awful :) For the record, I hate swimsuit shopping too.

  3. Rough day indeed! I fall over on my bike at least once a year in the same way you did!

  4. That sounds like a really rough ride! I think my kids would have learned some new words that day :-).

    Nice "short" run of 4.6 miles! Remember when that use to be a long run?

    I hate the sizing charts for tri clothes. I don't have the proportions of a triathlete or cyclist (read beer gut) so I have to go up a size or two.

  5. Gosh... what a day! I have been reading other blogs where folks are having these sorts of days. I am sure my number is coming up soon. I am glad that you got a nice run with your friend. I hope that made up for it... at least a little bit.