Wednesday, May 2, 2012

200th Post!

Guess I should throw a little confetti in the air or something, but it was really just a run of the mill day and this will be a relatively run of the mill post about a somewhat sucky evening run.  But ---blows party horn---ta da!  This is post #200!

Finally got an invoice out on a client that I fear isn't going to pay me, but I needed to at least send it.  The good news is that I didn't have quite as much time as I thought in it when the deal on the land fell through due to haz waste on the site.  Bad news is I still busted my butt to meet tight deadlines and will likely not see the $$$. Spent the rest of the day laying out sewer laterals for a mobile home park.  Good times.  Got home about 4 and ate lunch (oops - kind of late).  Took daughter to volleyball practice (yay, last one - too bad softball starts next week) and then out for ice cream with the team (cone could count as dinner?).  While out and about, Stacy called and said she'd be by a little after 8:30 to work out.

We ran our usual route (though added to the bridge at the bottom of the hill) to make it 4.01 mi.  Yay!  But as heavy as my legs felt yesterday, they felt worse tonight and I was having to walk more than I'd like.  Luckily, Stacy pushes me to run more.  When we got back, we got some water and then did AbRipperX.  OK - so maybe I did more like half of it - 150ish of the moves instead of 300+.  LOL  I'll have to look, but it has been a while since we did abs and I've definitely got to add them back in to my routine.  Oh, and P.S. - I'm now under 3 mi from finishing the Rock-n-Roll challenge marathon on Map My Ride.  That coupon code for the half in October is as good as mine! :)  Now to get the guts up to sign up.

My sis emailed me today that we are just over 9 weeks out from Pewaukee (WI) sprint tri and asked what training plan I was going to follow.  Part of me wants to say "Matty O's No-Plan Plan" - LOL.  But I do think I need to get something figured out so that another six weeks doesn't go by without me going to the pool or something ignorant like that.  This year it won't be about "just finishing" - I'd really like to shave serious time off last year! Weighing 25 lbs or so less shouldn't hurt!  Plus my new sweet ride and the running over the winter should help a lot.  Just need to do more (especially bricks - ugh).  Could I beat sis this year?  Probably not - I might nudge her out on the bike (she just went for her first ride of the season today!), but she'll smoke me on the run (she's been going 3x/week).  My run is stinky weak.  Oh well, she's 4 years older so not in my age group anyway! :)

Today I also started seriously contemplating doing a charity bike ride in early June.  Actually, I've been toying with it for a while.  It is the Tour De Cure with the American Diabetes Association (lost my dad to the disease).  I'd have less than a month to do my fundraising and I can't decide if I want to do the 30 mile ride (which is a bit of a stretch goal) or the 50 (which would be a BHAG = Big Hairy Ass Goal).  I think the furthest I've gone is 19 so far.  Though that is without a break and this is a supported ride so I could take some breaks.  And it is about 2.5 hours away which always adds to the logistics.  Hmmm....the things I will think about in my sleep tonight. 

Back to the pool tomorrow.  Can't let Christi over at Pedestrian Runner show me up this week.  Shaved my legs, etc so I should be good to go.  Though truthfully, my suit is really getting baggy and I need to invest in a new one.  I've got my eye on a sweet Speedo from Swim Outlet.  Not the one with funny butterflies that was Steve in a Speedo's funny photo today.  Nighty night blogger friends.


  1. Swim Outlet is so awesome! Congrats on your 200th post!!!!

  2. 50 miles doesnt feel much harder then 30 miles, you can do it

    1. I agree with BDD on this one. Go for the 50 miler!!!!

  3. Yay, for 200 posts!

    Okay, you called me out on the swimming. I was going to bag today but now I have to go! That is just evil! :) Thanks!

    You will do great at your tri! You have plenty of time and just have to "BELIEVE!"

  4. Go after that BHAG, girl and kill it! BDD knows what he's talking about. Congrats on your 200th post!