Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to the Pool

Because I told Christi to hold me accountable on this, I HAD to go to the pool today.  You see tomorrow I won't go to Columbia (town where I swim) because I have my last "read to 2nd graders" at 12:20.  Kind of screws up the day, but I only got to do it a few other times this year and I know it is important to the kids.  Then Saturday my daughter has piano lesson in the morning and her first piano recital in the afternoon.  Sunday is her first communion (and I still need to prep for that!).  So if I wanted to make it to the pool, today was the day.

Filled up the passes on my ARC card (25 for $82 with my coupon) and slipped into my wretchedly too large swimsuit (from last year - 3 sizes ago! - totally need to order that Speedo) and jumped in.  Forty minutes later, I got out feeling like I had definitely worked out, but not dying or anything.  I was averaging about 2:30/100 (way too much stopping at the wall) so I'm guessing around 1500-1600 yards (didn't really count).  Now that I'm sitting her thinking about it, I do feel it in my arms a little and my abs are pretty sore from last night along with some bammy soreness (butt/hamstring). 

Need to get back on the bike in the next couple of days.  We'll see how tomorrow pans out for that. 

In totally tri-unrelated news, this morning I woke up to an overdrawn checking account because I had put in the wrong date on the online bill pay and sent the mortgage 2 weeks early.  Fees = $56 = FAIL!  Even worse was the fact there was more than enough money in the money market account, but the bills come out of our checking account.  The good news is that my husband didn't yell at me and we decided together to just pay the freakin' house off (we'd been discussing it for a while).  So as of 9:30 this morning - I own this sucker free and clear = WIN!.  Called the bank and since our accounts are with their sister bank, they could just take the money directly from the account and do it right then.  How about that?!  Debt free!  No more worrying about when the bill pay takes it out of the account.  Even called the insurance company and tax collector to send us those bills (since the escrow came off the principal at payoff apparently).  One less thing to worry about.  Nice - I tangled with TWO clients this week about getting paid!  Oh the joys of self-employment.


  1. Wow--congrats on paying off the house! That's really got to be a great feeling. We are within a couple of years of that and I can't wait.

    I made myself go swim today too, b/c I have been such a pool slacker of late!

  2. Paying off the house is a huge step in financial freedom! My wife and I struggled to pay it off in 15 years. Any time we had extra money it went to the mortgage. Now, before you get used to having so much extra cash each month, set up an investment account to soak up most of it. It's brutal watching how slow the principal comes down when the interest is working against you, but amazing when it's working for you.

    The other thing to do today is get a swimsuit that fits. That will make you feel better, and you'll be surprised how much faster you will be (not just feel) in the water.

  3. Congrats on paying off the house. When I did that I felt like a big weight was taken off my shoulders.

  4. Oh wow, no house payment!!! NICE!!! That is awesome

  5. Yay, you got to swim. I didn't make it yesterday because stuff came up. But I am going today and Sunday!!!!

    That is awesome that you are mortgage free! I am totally jealous!

  6. Nice that you paid off the house! Must feel good.

    Go to and order a new suit this weekend. Speedo Endurance is a good one and lasts a long time in the pool.