Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tri Gear = $$$

Yep, decided since I am feeling pretty gung ho about doing some more races that I needed to get a few basics.  I bought a Zoot tri top and a pair of Zoot tri shorts.  Scored as they were 40% today!  Then I "invested" in some new shoes.  Apparently I need more "support" as my feet roll in some.  I also needed more cushioning.  I settled on a pair of Asics after having a gait analysis and the whole nine yards.  I could have gotten them in black with neon blue laces, but I decided that screamed "trying to look 20" and settled on a white pair with purple trim.  Socks were 50% off so I got a few pairs with "wicking" material.  Really haven't had trouble with my plain old cotton socks, but figured I'd already broke the bank so what the heck.  Then I picked up a race belt (in pink!) so that I could avoid having to pin anything to my $$$ tri top. :)  Guess this means I am all in.  I am hoping my husband will let me call this an "early birthday gift" and not be too ticked off with me.

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