Friday, July 22, 2011

Endangered Species = Yellow Swim Cap

OK, so after completing my first tri on July 10 (during which I cussed and said I'd never do this again, then I thought about all the things I would change when I did it again, then I nearly wept being so happy to be done with the bike leg, etc), I came home and promptly started looking for another tri race.  Next one up on the calendar that was at all close to me was the Show Me State Games in Columbia, MO - and it is even being held at a location on "my" side of Columbia (coming from Jeff City).  Registration was closed, but they said they would allow "same day" registration which opens at 6:45 AM so I wouldn't even have to leave the house until about 6:00. 

So then I got to thinking seriously about doing it.  Talked myself out of it and talked myself back into it (repeated numerous times).  The swim is twice as long as Pewaukee, but well within what I've trained for.  The bike route doesn't look too awful although I was kind of hoping to drive it the other day and ran out of time - and it is a mile shorter than Pewaukee (which at first I thought it was 3 miles longer, but then realized I was looking at the duathlon).  The "run" (ie. walk slowly) is two laps around the lake so a relatively easy course (no major hills), but will suck to walk past the finish and not be able to stop.  The real concern is the insane heat.  I kind of wish the race started at 6:30 like Pewaukee, but alas - nope 8:00!  Will definitely have to think about taking in fluids hard core!

But that brings me to the hardest of all the "rules" - the endangered species known as the required yellow swim cap!  MC Sports?  Nope.  CMA?  Nope (only had ONE white one - WTF?).  Walmart? Nope, only a bunch of blue ones.  Target?  Nope, almost every other color including a cool neon pink that I almost bought anyway.  As I walked into KMart, I told the Lord "OK, if you want me to do this race - there HAS to be a yellow swim cap at KMart!"  And wouldn't you know it!  SCORE!!  I almost bought the one right behind it thinking I could bribe someone with it on race day, but figured I'd leave it for anyone else on a dire search for the elusive yellow swim cap.

So I guess I'm going to dig in and go for it.  What do I have to lose?  I'd like to find someone to come be my support crew.  Husband and kids will be at church (ushering 8:30 mass).  Have a few friends I will call to see if they can help me.  Just would be nice to have at least one friendly face cheering me on after the transitions and to be able to call if I break down and can't finish (which will DQ me b/c I don't know how to fix my own bike - another clinic I need to make it to). 

On a side note, I got in a 5.29 mi bike ride this morning (house to Militia to Wakoda and back).  Up early enough that the heat only partially did me in.  Might do a short swim tonight in the Osage with the kids.

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