Monday, July 18, 2011

Tour of Jefferson City

OK, so I must have been bitten by some kind of "bug".  Only days after I finished my first tri, I was cruising the internet to figure out if I could do another one.  So much for that "I'm never doing this again"!  LOL  And then I'm flipping through the paper and see a local moonlight ride for this last weekend.  What the heck?  I just did 16 miles after a swim and before a 5K.  Doing 15 miles around town can't be that hard!  At 2 AM?  Sure!  I mentioned it to a friend of mine (surveyor I sometimes work with) and he seemed gung ho to join me.  I spent all day Saturday moving my mother-in-law.  My body was very tired from all the physical and mental effort, but since I had told my friend I would be there, I went to bed at 10ish, got up at 1:25, drove the truck over to HyVee (where it was starting) and rode 15 miles around town (walking up one hellish hill by JCMG).  Chatted with my friend for a bit afterwards and headed home.  Showered and tried to go back to bed.

I'm amazed at how much of my town is really "doable", but I also know that they picked a route with as few  hills as possible (which is tough in our hilly town)!  It was still quite muggy - temps still in the 80s (definitely July in MO).  But the downhills felt breezy.  Stopped for about 5 min in the middle-ish for some Powerade provided by Coke (sponsor).  It was too watered down, but very cold.  Did the whole ride in 1:30 give or take.  Kind of slow, but it wasn't really a race.  Or at least I try to tell myself that!  LOL

And now I am still looking at tri's.  Maybe the Show Me State Games this weekend?  Is it too soon?  Or maybe one later in Aug?  Sis says her and her husband are eyeing one in Iowa City (where her brother-in-law lives) in Sept.  Hmm....Definitely a great motivator to make yourself keep up the training. 

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