Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Missouri summer has settled in and put a death grip on my desire to climb very many hills the last couple of weeks.  Of course, coming off my first tri gave me some reason to take a breather and then did the Tour of JC and that gave me another excuse for some "rest" in the a/c.  But after sitting and sweating (in the shade) at my son's baseball game tonight, there seemed no point to not getting in some movement today.  OK, so maybe part of what spurred me on was the post baseball ice cream after a scale victory this morning (lowest number I've seen in a while with no real reason).  It wasn't much - certainly not compared to the real runners out there - but a brisk walk with my tall husband did work up quite a sweat and made me feel a little less sluggish.  We chatted about some of the things I've been reading on the various tri blogs out there and enjoyed the 30 min or so of uninterrupted conversation.  Just a couple miles before it got too dark, but better than nothing!  Going to try to see if I can get in a swim tomorrow.

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