Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chillaxin Weekend

I was pretty beat after that walk with Jennifer on Fri (midday).  Took the afternoon in the a/c to "chillax".  Didn't really get any work done (though I had hoped to).  Picked up my daughter and headed for the Osage River with friends (with husband and son already there).  Watched as my kids each tried their hand at skiing.  Ate too much dinner with said friends.  Then played around in the warm river water for a while and only did a little swimming that evening.

Saturday, I took my son on my "easy" bike ride (to Militia and back with swinging through Wakoda Woods).  He was a ball of negativity and whined about 2/3 of the time.  I was really getting fed up with how slow he was and all his lip.  I told him to try to get up the long flatter incline on the way back and that I'd walk with him up the steep part of the one nasty hill (which mind you I only learned to ride up myself in June!)  I rode about half way up the steep hill and turned to realize I couldn't see him so I rode back to him.  When we got on a more flat area at the bottom of the steep section I told him to ride up as far as he could - "to the storm drain", "five peddle strokes past the storm drain", "gear down, honey, you've got it - see if you can make it to the bushes", "you are almost there - keep pushing - yes, you can have a drink at the top".  Because I had stopped to cheer him on, I ended up having to walk up the hill which I could have ridden, but it was worth it to see his big smile and sense of accomplishment! 

His total attitude changed and he was so freakin' pleased with himself.  I know that feeling - I got it in June when I finally mastered that hill.  I showered him with praise as I was really wanting to drive home how awesome the feeling of looking something that hard in the eye and kicking its butt to him.  He had told me earlier in the ride (in the midst of his negativity) that he just didn't understand why I would want to do a tri.  I told him I liked facing the challenge and proving to myself and everyone else that I could do it.  He mouthed off about not seeing the point again and I rode ahead - totally irritated by his inability to see my hard work and accomplishment as I saw it for myself.  He's had a taste of it - don't know if I'll be able to help him feel it again, but it will be worth a shot. 

Sunday was another day full of chillaxin'.  Mass in the morning, some reading the paper, some hanging out on the computer and a ton of school supply shopping.  Better enjoy the down time...another busy week awaits.  One in which I hope to find more time to "climb those hills". 

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