Sunday, July 24, 2011

Show Me State Games Race Report

I did manage to get in a short swim after a lot of just lounging in the river on Friday night.  Took yesterday off.  This morning I got up at 5:30 and out the door before six to head up to the Show Me Games.  Definitely there on the early side - one of the first ones parked.  Drove through a couple little cloud bursts on the way up so I was worried what the day would bring.  Saw some lightening off and on while setting up and getting registered so they postponed the beginning until 8:30.  Just two waves - 34 and under in first wave and 35 and up 5 min later (which included me).  So in theory, I started 8:35 AM.  I really need to invest in a waterproof watch!

The swim was 0.5 mile which was twice as long as Pewaukee.  There were only two buoys, but I had plenty of people ahead of me to follow.   I was 3rd or 4th from last out of the water.  But the few that got out behind me quickly passed me on the bike.  The ride wasn't crazy as far as hills, but it was a bit more rolling than I thought it was.  But now the sun was out and it was hot.  I brought up the rear of the race and felt bad for all the volunteers who had to wait on me.  I managed to get through the 15 miles without having to get off the bike.  Only slowed down (more than my usual slow pace) a couple times to drink some Gatorade.  I got through it the same way as I had before, one mile at a time fighting the mental battle by thinking of a song, prayers, counting pedal strokes ("Just 10 more and I'll gear down").  I didn't hit the mental wall too badly, but I was dreading the "run" leg. 

Got back to Phillips Lake and most people were done.  Worst fear confirmed - I was dead last and not by a little bit.  Even the "stragglers" were over half way through the "run".  A CMC lady I met before the event cheered me on, but I really was wishing I could just pack it in and go home.  But I kept with the idea of "one foot in front of the other" and started out on my walk.  So tired and so hot, but plodded along and drank my water (from the one I froze the night before).  Tucked it in my bra a couple times to cool off.  Could hear them handing out awards and cheering in the other latecomers.  Started wanting to cry as I thought about having to pass the finish line and go around again.  But sucked it up and finished.  Got some kudos from some of the athletes still hanging around.  Seriously, I was last by A LOT - like probably a solid 30 minutes.  But my time isn't up on the web site.  Somehow not included in the results - grr.

All I know is that I walked around and talked to the lady who had introduced herself to me (Paula I think) and drank some water and enjoyed a touch of shade.  Then I loaded my bike up (took the wheel off and tucked it in the backseat) and the rest of my stuff and got in the car and it was 11:30.  So I finished in under 3 hours, but I'm not sure how much.  No timing chips so no breakdown (kind of a bummer really).  The volunteers on this race were really great, but they didn't have nearly enough water stations (just one at the start of the run - which was also the half way mark).  I was glad I packed my drinks! 

Survived it.  That is about all I can say.  I was the only one on a slow ass mountain bike and I think that was just one of many reasons I came in last.  Kind of shameful, but I am trying to focus on the fact that I am still 18.6 miles further ahead than those that never tried.

Edit Tuesday Evening 7/26/11 - They finally posted the results.  I finished 0.5 mile swim, 15 mile bike and 5k walk in 2:42:54.  I'm pretty happy with that given the longer swim and only slightly easier bike route (compared to Pewaukee).  Second to last finisher was 2:13:44.  But I guess that is still better than the four DNF's.  I'll take it as a "win" for me.  Never mind Bryan Topash and his 1:12:22.  And to think he almost chickened out with the lightening (we discussed the fact that he hadn't put any money down yet and neither had I while we were racking our bikes - could easily still just pack up and go home.)  So sweet of the volunteers and CMC folks to hang around while I trudged around the lake.

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