Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quadruple Digits!

YAY!  I did it!  I crossed the 1000 miles biked this year threshold!  I took Monday off, but tonight I squeezed in a quick bike ride around the industrial area by my house after working through softball practice.  It helped that the temps were in the mid-80's and dropping (without too crazy humidity).  I knew I was getting close and figured I would put in enough time to cross the milestone.  I spent 44:44 minutes (totally thought of EMZ) riding mostly flats for 11.2 miles!  Nice average pace too!  I've pretty much decided to attempt another century in October (Ride the Rivers) so I will have to make these kinds of quick rides routine a couple days a week on top of some longer rides on the weekend.  If I can really put in proper training, I should blow all kinds of milestones out of the water.  Go me!

Swimming = 9.56 mi
Biking = 1002.4 miles!!
Running = 128.9 miles


  1. That's fantastic -- exactly 1,000 more miles than me! (Not sure why I haven't been riding)

  2. Lots of miles this year! Keep up the good work!

  3. Yay for bike mileage! :)

    I'm catching up on my blog reading. Come check in! ;)