Sunday, July 21, 2013

Business Trip Run

Who says you can't get in your workout while on a business trip?  Not this girl!  I had to be in Kansas City for two days for two different client meetings and it just didn't make sense to drive back and forth so I quickly jumped on Priceline and booked a room at the Kearney, MO Super 8 (looked like the best of the cheaper options).  I headed over about 4:00 and enjoyed chilling out for the evening.  I indulged a little for dinner with some beef broccoli.  Slept fitfully thanks to a loud a/c unit and finally got up a little before six when it just seemed ridiculous to keep trying.

I headed up to Jesse James Park - just a couple miles from the hotel.  It is a nice little community park with a 1.35 mile paved trail.  It goes around a lake and big amphitheater as well as a disc golf course.  At 6:15, it was already super muggy even though the temps were in the 70's.  But it was just me and a couple of old guys out there.  I did the full loop and then the loop that had the cutoff by the lake for a total of 2.0 miles. With a race this weekend, I didn't want to overdo and running is my weak sport.

I wrapped it up, showered and still had about a half hour to watch the Tour de France (which I can't get at home) before I had to check out.  Busy with work and family obligations so didn't get much else of a workout in the rest of the week so I felt good about getting something done while away.

This morning I repeated the Show Me State Games sprint triathlon for the third time.  It was  1/2 mi swim, 15 mi bike and 3.1 mi run.  The run course has no shade at all and is always so blasted hot and humid.  Storms rolled through yesterday and I'm sure we are at 99% humidity.  But thankfully it was still overcast without lightening this morning.  Race report will be up tomorrow.

Swimming = 9 mi
Biking = 976.0 miles
Running =  125.9 miles


  1. Woo hoo! You got your run done on the road! Way to go!

  2. Way to get a run in on the road! Lots of reasons (excuses not to).