Sunday, July 14, 2013

Less than Consistent

Last weekend I got a nice start to a solid training week with the long bike ride Saturday.  Then I ran on Sunday evening from Stacy's house to the Governor's mansion and back for 5.2 miles.  Monday I wrapped up the "good start" with an open water swim at Stephens Lake Park after taking the kids to the dentist, meeting a friend from out of town for lunch, and getting a couple hours of work done at the office.  Left my Garmin at home, but swam for quite a while in the "lap area" that appeared to be about 50 yds long.  My son even did four or five laps with me!  I'm estimating that I did about a half mile though it was likely more.  I did rest a lot though. 

But the rest of the week kind of fell apart workout-wise.  Some because of the busy week, but some because the siren call of the couch in the a/c was too enticing.  Didn't help that my daughter played five softball games between Tuesday and Saturday.  Only two more games!

But Walter wasn't going to let me off the hook over the weekend.  I took the kids to mass on Saturday night so that I could get up early this morning and head off with Walter for a ride to Wardsville and back.  Forgot to turn on my watch until about half mile in and then again for a bit after a pit stop at the c-store.  Really have got to work on that! Watch had 26.4 and had 27.3 so we'll go with that.

The rest of today was pretty lazy.  I kicked back and enjoyed some Netflix.  Also caught up with my sister and her husband about their performances this morning at the Pewaukee Triathlon.  Kind of glad I didn't go up for a repeat this year since the course changed leaving the comparison factor frustrating. 

Going to be another busy week with a ton of stuff going on with my work and my daughter at a Science day camp all week (plus softball and piano as usual).  I need to go to KC for a couple days too.  It is basically a "taper week" though as I have the Show Me State Games tri on Sunday.  We'll need to head back to JC asap afterwards too because it is school registration and uniform exchange day. 

Still need to figure out the rest of my summer/fall race plans.  I haven't registered for anything yet.  But my training is less than consistent compared to what I'd like to do.  Hey Mike - you still think you might want to host a home-grown Oly?  At least if I didn't pay for it, I wouldn't hate myself so much for being super slow.  And I might even win my age group!  LOL  Unless Superkate comes that is.

Swimming = 9 mi
Biking = 976.0 miles
Running =  120.7 miles

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  1. Maybe he'll fit in in before your birthday. Then we can both win our AG. :)