Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vir-Tuesday Run

Two busy days of work knocked out a few of the items I had on my to-do list.  God bless the value of a daughter in day camp.  Didn't get motivated to get out the door last night even after watching the wickedly cut bodies on American Ninja Warrior.  I had planned on taking advantage of the time I had to wait on my daughter at softball practice this evening to get in a short run on the Katy Trail.  But when about half of the girls indicated they couldn't make it and with pretty solid heat/humidity - coach called off practice.

So I sent out a note on FB asking if anyone was game to share a few slow-ish, easy-ish miles with me.  Bob Jenkins (Team Virtus) was up to the task.  He is working on hitting 100 miles running between June 20 and Aug 15 (was 50, but he hit that yesterday so now he is shooting for more).  He is also having a little friendly competition with his teammate Lukas Lamb.  I haven't heard what will come to the winner or be inflicted on the loser, but it is sure to be hilarious (I mean, these are the guys that brought you the golden Speedo bet).  Lukas has to double whatever miles Bob knocks out.  Bob assured me he intends to win with heavy usage of fractional miles.

We started off at a pace that I think was a bit slow for Bob, but had me redlined before the first turn.  I looked down and we were at just over 9 min/mile.  We stopped for a second to stretch (Bob is having some issues in his calf).  We slowed down a smidge, but kept on and the first mile came in at just over 11 min/mi average (including that stop to stretch).  But I started having to walk to get my heartrate under control.  I was gasping for air and seeing numbers above 200 bpm.  But Bob was his usual good sport and slowed down when necessary and let me control the pace.  We finished with an outright stroll while we chatted about a shared acquaintance (not that we should be surprised that JC is a "small world").  Total = 3.15 (to make sure that Lukas would have to do 6.3)
Here's to your 6.3 miles Luke!
I shared with him my intention to find a trainer and work on my running this next fall/winter.  I know I need to add some strength work and also build my pace.  I know that I can do better.  I don't have any intention of shooting for a podium, but being less likely to be in last place would be nice. 

Still toying with doing an Oly later this summer - will probably see how the sprint goes this weekend.  Mike says he just can't get motivated to do anything but run so the home grown option (at least on his end) might be off the table.  He suggested a long run, but I am struggling with running so maybe just the cookout!  I could always just do my own.  I could also sign up for Lake St. Louis in late Aug (though I need to poop or get off the pot as far as registration goes).  That 1500 m swim is still kind of scary.  I know the bike wouldn't be too bad.  The run wouldn't be great, but wouldn't be awful either.  Also eyeing another bike century in the fall to find some redemption from my Tour De Cure attempt.  Saw a possible event on FB today that I am going to check into.  Regardless of what I end up doing, I need to continue to work on my consistency.  Maybe I need a good challenge too!

Swimming = 9 mi
Biking = 976.0 miles
Running =  123.9 miles


  1. Love you two telling Luke he is number one in stereo :-).

    Pretty pathetic I don't have the motivation to set up a home grown Oly. Oh well, maybe we can arrange a trail run or ride then have a cookout at my house. I have yet to meet the rest of Team Virtus because I'm kind of antisocial and I wreck Kate's bike when I have it on my bike rack :-).

    1. Only once, though that was enough. ;-)

  2. Is the 1500 scary, terrifying type scary, or just out of comfort zone type scary? Somewhere in between? Sign up for it. ;)