Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little Break

For no particular reason, I took a bit of a break from blogging.  For part of it, I still continued with my regular workouts and just tracked them in my Garmin Connect account.  But for a little over a week of it, I did nothing except sit on my ass and think of excuses not to get out and move.  Before that became a habit, I accepted the invitation today to run with my friend Susan. 

She is coming off a stress fracture in her foot so she hasn't been running, but she was game for a few miles - probably more than I was.  It wasn't too hot, but the humidity still had us sweating.  We were testing out a course for a 5K our school is going to host in mid-Sept.  We talked about the fact that the planning hasn't gone quite as desired, but we got a general feel for where the start, turn around and end will be.  It is hilly - very representative of the terrain in our town.  She thinks maybe we actually use that and market the epic-ness of this 5K. 

In addition to this 3.1 miles:

- Week ago Tuesday: Run with Stacy to Walmart (3.2 mi)
- Week ago Monday: Run with daughter to Stacy's house and back (3.3 mi)
- Almost 2 weeks ago (Saturday): Bike ride solo to Kleffner Ridge and back (25.1 mi)

Got all the way dressed and ready to leave this last weekend for a long ride with Walter, but then saw he had texted about a big storm cell that was coming and bailed.  It wasn't raining yet here and I started to go out on my own, but decided to sit on my butt instead.  Not sure what was up with that.

I turn 40 on Sunday.  Susan kicked my butt into committing to Kicks in the Sticks trail run this weekend (though I'm pussing out and doing the short 3.5 miles).  Tomorrow night, I'm going out to celebrate with dinner at Jazz and dueling pianos in Columbia.  Saturday morning I had planned on doing a mid-range bike ride, but Walter is doing a longer ride with someone else so I'm not sure if I will motivate myself out of bed to do it or not.  Probably going to take the kids to the pool (last day it is open - hate how early they close here!) on Sunday though Walter invited me for a shorter ride then.  We'll see how it plays out.

Swimming = 9.56 mi
Biking = 1027.5 miles
Running = 138.5 miles


  1. 40 huh. Things get better after 40. Taking a break from blogging is a good thing sometimes. Even a break from workouts can be good too. No guilt, no shame.

  2. Bummed I'm missing Kicks in the Sticks this year. Hope you have a good time celebrating your birthday!

  3. I took a break from blogging too

    Happy Birthday

  4. Nice job with your mileage! Breaks are very good. I take them from time to time. And wishing you a very happy birthday!