Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Anniversary

Finally got the scans cropped so that I could post some pictures.  Yesterday, we celebrated being married for 18 years.  We dated for 4 years and a week before that, so celebrated 22 years together 8/3.  It hasn't always been easy, but I do believe we make a pretty great team.  I also believe that the lifestyle change a few years ago helps me be a better wife and mom overall.  For years, part of the problem was that I saw myself as that slim thing that shows up in that black dress in the photo below.  I couldn't rectify that image with the heavy person I'd become - even when I weighed over 100 lbs more.  But I'm glad to say that I probably weigh within 15-20 lbs of these wedding photos.  Not too bad for a 40-year-old mom of two.  I'm quite sure we didn't realize how crazy young we were.  Enjoy the flashback:

Dressed up for a date on our first New Year's together (ages 18 and 19 - 12/31/91)
Night we got engaged at my friend Betsy's house (8/3/94)

Our wedding day - 8/12/95

Bridal Party - 8/12/95 in St. Peter Church, Jefferson City