Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slowly Getting Back at It

I was pretty sore on Sunday and Monday from the 85.5 miles at the Tour De Cure.  But my sis wanted to go out for a short run on Tuesday before she headed back to WI. So we went out for an easy couple of miles to shake out my legs and try to remember how to run.  Been so focused on cycling this spring that I haven't gotten many running miles in.  I kept a pretty decent pace (for me) and even had her asking me to slow down (I always go out too fast).  We also talked about heart rate and such (she has a PhD in Physiology and is finishing another masters in Exercise Physiology to change teaching tracks).  She said not to stress about my high heart rate during the hills. 

Busy (and kind of lazy) day on Wednesday while I was busy negotiating for and purchasing a "new" car.  My 2002 Impala had begun to be less dependable a few years ago and the number of times it had stranded me by not starting had seemed to be ramping up.  So we replaced it with an identical (nearly) 2010 model.

Weather was nice again today, but I had to prep for and attend an afternoon meeting (with my friend Stacy's husband - the county engineer).  I thought about the fact that I really need to get some more running miles in and decided to text Stacy when I got home.  She's been buried under a home remodel project and then hauling off debris from last week's storm (which put a tree branch through her barn roof).  But she said she was wanting to get back on the workout wagon and was happy to go out for a few miles with me tonight. 

She came over just before 8:30 and we got in 2.85 miles.  The first mile I managed to hold a pretty respectable pace, but as soon as we headed up a hill, I started having trouble holding on.  Hung on and tried to finish strong. 

I spent a bit of time looking at what training I'd have to do in order to tackle an Oly later this summer.  Definitely need to kick the running and swimming into gear.  Don't feel like the bike will be a big issue after all the miles I've put in this year, but would have to get busy with bricks.  Only about 11 weeks to train has me kind of the fence.  There are also some bike rides, trail runs and shorter (sprint) triathlons that are also possibilities, but I need to make some decisions soon so I can target my training.  And then there are things to consider as I look toward the fall.   Decisions, decisions. 

Swimming = 10,000 yds = 5.7 mi
Biking = 822.1 miles
Running = 96.9 miles


  1. I'm signed up for an oly at the end of August and need to start those training bricks too.... Yikes! I must have missed a blog somewhere... Congrats on the Tour! 85 miles! Wow!!!

  2. You can do an Oly if you want. The fitness transference from cycling to running is high. Swimming, though, requires you to invest and focus. Either way, have fun!

  3. congrats on the 85 miler!!! woohoo!!!! I'm impressed you ran so close to the race! ;)