Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Shadows and Flat Tires

I've been having some trouble getting motivated this week.  I always seem to have a little trouble in this department when a "big event" is behind me.  I seem to lack some focus when I don't have a BIG goal ahead of me.  Kind of makes me think I should just get off my ass and sign up for the Oly I've been eyeing.  Might be the only thing to make me get with it.

Saturday was a lovely day.  We hiked around a bit at the nature center in the morning as we listened to what our kids learned at camp all week.  Laundry (and some procrastinating) took up most of the afternoon, but I decided to get with it and run my deposit to the bank.  Always nice when clients pay me and even better when it is a good excuse for a 5K.

Sunday was nice too - a little warmer with a bit of wind, but stupid not to go out for the bike ride I had been procrastinating.  Except that I puttered around the house and took a long afternoon nap and then just never got off the couch.  My husband scolded me for letting the opportunity go by. 

This afternoon was also nice and I felt another taste of shame as I almost let it go by.  But as the shadows got long, the wind was non-existent and I decided that I would get on the bike and knock out a short ride before heading to the grocery store.  It started out a little slow, but I was just feeling warmed up when I climbed up the interchange and heard that dreadful sound again.  UGH!!  I had already done another loop and climb of the interchange so I got in 7.6 miles, but I didn't even have the stuff with me to fix the flat (as if I had any real clue how to do that - yes, I know - shame, shame).  Thankfully, my husband had just finished bringing in hay with the neighbors and was a mere 3 miles away with his handy truck.  I walked down the hill towards home thinking I was glad that I didn't have to walk all the way home in bike shoes (though it was totally doable if necessary).

Frustrating that I rode all those training miles without a flat and now I've had two in the last 50-60 miles.  But such is life, right?  I have a funeral in Columbia tomorrow morning and will work for a while at the office up there.  But I also think I'll try to sneak over to the pool and try out the swim features on my 910xt.  And maybe I'll go for a short run during my daughter's softball practice. Summer is coming and I should take advantage of these mild days before the suffocating humidity sets in.

Swimming = 10,000 yds = 5.7 mi
Biking = 829.7 miles
Running =  100 miles


  1. I know you know this, but you should always have your tire changing stuff with you. That way if you get a flat and don't have a way home at least some kind stranger can help you. Ideally you should learn how to change it yourself, but a) you already know that, b) I'd been riding some pretty long rides (50-100 miles) pretty regularly for 2 years before I learned how to change a tire, and c) while I can do it I'm still perfectly happy to let someone else help me.

    Regardless, it's nice that your bike is taking good care of you and flatting rarely and only when help is available. :)

  2. Check your rim and tire for sharp objects like thorns or errant spokes. I like the CO2 "pumps" because they easy to use.