Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back At It - Swim/Run

I spent part of the morning at a memorial service for a lovely woman that I was blessed to know the last 15 years through my Society of Women Engineers section.  It always amazes me how we can know only a part of someone and then only at sad times like these, learn they were so much more than we knew.  It was nice to visit with some of the other SWE gals after the service.  Then back to the office for a couple hours before stopping in at the LBS to pick up another tube and levers (mine broke at the Tour) on my way to the pool.

It was time to try out my Garmin 910XT in the water!  I set up the pool settings this morning.  I got to the pool a little later than I intended so I only had about 30 min.  But I managed to get in 1400 yards.  A few stutters on my stroke when I got a little water in my nose and throat had the Garmin thinking I was backstroking.  LOL  Not a great pace, but not bad for not having even seen a pool since TriZou.

Got home just in time to change clothes and head out for my daughter's piano lesson and softball practice.  Summer decided to show up today - it was in the mid-90's.  I knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge to get running, but decided to go for it.  Started out pretty decent, but pretty soon I realized that my bladder was kind of full and the heat was much more oppressive than I had realized.  I caught a little shade as I climbed the ramps to the ped bridge over the Missouri River, but my heart rate was super high as I headed into town.  I did stop for a second to snap this shot from the bridge:

By the time I turned around, I was very uncomfortable on both the heat and bladder fronts.  I ended up walking a lot of the way back.  Even walking I was running a heart rate of 180+.  I've rarely worked so hard for 3.1 miles.  Got back to my car and headed over to the North JC pavilion to use the bathroom.  Got back and sat in the shade chugging water.  Thankfully, the coaches decided to cut the practice a little short as the girls were struggling to hustle in the heat.

I guess tomorrow I'll try to get my tire fixed so I can get in a bike ride at some point.

Swimming = 11400yds = 6.5 mi
Biking = 829.7 miles
Running = 103.1 miles


  1. Heat and high HR normally means not enough hydration. Good job getting out there.

  2. How do you like the 910xt so far?