Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Just Suck

It really wasn't that bad out.  Low 80's, mostly sunny, a light breeze - even if a bit humid (par for the course this time of year).  And I have had a bit of trouble with allergies lately - itchy eyes, scratchy throat, phlegm, etc.  Not sure if it is the cottonwood I'm allergic to or something that blooms at the same time as the cottonwood dropping seed like snow all over the mid-MO area.  And maybe I should have drank a bit more water throughout the day.  But really - I think I just suck at running.

After a bit of laziness throughout the day (in the a/c to boot), I decided I'd get in a short run while my daughter had softball practice.  I let a couple folks know I was going to do it and invited them to join me for 3-4 easy miles (for them since my pace is slow).  No one took me up on the offer though - so I headed out with only my music to keep me company.

I walked/jogged from the practice ball fields over towards the commuter lot, down the greenway trail spur and stopped breathless at the Katy Trail parking lot.  I sat down in the shade for a couple minutes, got a drink at the drinking fountain and toyed with the idea of trying to go to the bathroom as my guts felt all twisted up.  I decided to head out down the trail.  I started to do a bigger loop, but my pace was quickly looking worse so I just did an out and back.  I was having to walk a lot as I felt crappy.  I sat down again when I got back to the parking lot and got another drink.  Then headed back towards the commuter lot and stopped at the pavilion to pee and get another drink.  I finally got back to the practice field for a lousy 3.7 miles.  I'll chalk it up to "better than nothing", but the average pace is shameful.

I know the only way to get better at running is to do more of it, but it is by far my least favorite sport of the three.  I just wish it would get easier. 

Swimming = 13,950 yds = 7.9 mi
Biking = 841.4 miles
Running = 106.8 miles


  1. You're running, though. I've done way too little of that. And running in the heat is brutal. I spend the summer thinking how bad I am at running, and then the first cool day of fall reminds me just how much worse running is on a hot day.

  2. It does get easier. When I started a bunch of years ago, i couldn't run at all. 100 m running was inconceivably far. Stick with it. I'm at the point where I haven't been running much lately, and I miss it.

  3. Time on feet counts for a lot, don't lose motivation. Get out while you can and keep moving, even if you have to walk. Keep on keepin' on! :)

  4. For me, running gets better once I can run for an hour or more straight. Something about being able to run somewhere seems to make it more attractive.

  5. You don't suck, you have an opportunity.

  6. Some days you just don't have it, other days I don't even want it! I go through times where I have a love hate relationship with each segment of tris. Just keep on keeping on!