Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Streaking! HBBC Wk 3, Jingle Bell Hell, Etc.

The streak is alive!  I'm so excited that I have managed to commit to at least some kind of exercise everyday (started Thanksgiving Day).  It is a renewed commitment to getting in a workout that finds me often squeezing something in at the end of the day when I would normally curl up under the flannel sheets and call it a night.  I think my new motto might be "better late in the day than not at all".  Not always good for getting a good night's sleep, but I can usually catch up at some point.

This is helping with the HBBC 2013 points too!  Especially because I can't seem to get my freggie point (curse that point!) and my water is still pretty hit or miss (mostly miss).  So without further ado:

Sunday (12/1): 3.25 mi run to Walmart and back, actually ate veggies/fruit, Facebook'd the group = 5.25 pts

Monday (12/2): 3.5 mi run with Stacy in evening, FB'd - 4.5 pts

Tuesday (12/3): 3.2 mi run with Stacy in evening, FB'd - 4.2 pts

Wednesday (12/4): 6.0 mi on bike trainer while watching Netflix, Salad w/ dinner loaded with veggies, fruit for breakfast (calling it half point), FB'd - 3.5 pts

Thursday (12/5): 10 mi on bike trainer, FB = 4.3 pts

Friday (12/6): 1850 yds in pool in about 45 min, 2 mi walk with husband, FB = 6 pts
Pool was dead on a super cold Friday afternoon.  Lap lanes behind me.
Saturday (12/7): Jingle Bell Hell virtual race with XLMIC for 3.1 miles = 3.1 pts

HBBC Week #3 = 30.85!!

MMNW - 167.2 down a little, but progress slow.

Jingle Bell Hell Race Report:  I bailed on my usual Thursday run with Susan when the day dawned in single digit wind chills.  But I was hoping to get out for a run to the bank on Saturday and thought I'd just try to dress for the cold and make the best of it since there wasn't any snow or ice (which there has been since then).  I waited until the afternoon when it warmed up to all of 23 degrees (*first point of "hell").  I put on my new thermal tights and yoga pants, running shirt and warm cycling jacket, Buff, ear warmer, gloves and socks/shoes.  I needed one more layer on top as I was cold until I got to the bank (where I sweated while waiting on my bank business - ugh! - *2nd point of "hell").  Headed back home only to be faced with a GPS watch stating that I'd only gone 2.9 miles when I reached the street in front of my house (*3rd point of hell).  I "laughed" (requirement) a little and kept on going to the end of our property where my watch buzzed 3 miles and I turned around to come home for the final 0.1.  I tried to take a festive shot of myself with one of the Christmas decorations, but Murphy and his damn law - a shadow from my phone.  Came inside and realized that some comibination of my shirt, sweat, etc had caused me to break out in some kind of hives (final point of hell).  Thankfully it went away pretty quickly.  Oh well - Happy Jingle Bell Hell to all!



  1. Rats, I forgot about JBH...maybe I can spin my CW race report into Jimgle Bell Hell.

  2. Nice consistent workouts! Congrats on completing your "hellish" race too :-).

  3. Nice workouts!!!! That pool looks amazing!