Sunday, December 29, 2013

HBBC Week 6 + Christmas 5Ks

We are closing in on the final week of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.  It is looking like I'll be lucky to have maintained my weight through this crazy time.  I have kept my workout streak alive since Thanksgiving which has been a big deal for me.  Exercise consistency has always been a struggle for me so I'm ultra proud of that.  I also participated in Kiley at Daily Vitamin F's holiday 5Ks.  So here is the round up of HBBC Week 6:

Sunday 12/22 - Bike trainer time (9.5 miles) = 3.2 points

Monday 12/23 - Walk with my husband (2 miles) + FB = 3 points

Tuesday 12/24 - The day was sunny and the recent freezing rain had coated the trees with ice so that they shimmered like glass sculptures.  I don't think the pics can show how pretty everything looked even though it was a pretty cold run though I tried.  Christmas Eve 5K (well, 3.2 miles) + FB = 4.2 points

 Wednesday 12/25 - Wore my new running shirt and the holiday socks that I got from Kiley in the sock swap for my Christmas Day 5K (lovely weather and need to take a break from my inlaws made for actually getting 3.65 miles) + FB = 4.7 points

Thursday 12/26 -  Early in the day I had stopped by my neighbor's house to drop something off and her kids wanted me and my daughter to stay and play Just Dance.  I slayed them all and got in some bonus cardio.  We joined a new gym (Sam B. Cook Healthplex) this week and Thursday we had our health assessments. There was some weight lifting and some cardio time while they were checking things and then we stayed a little after to do some more laps on the track (1/18 of a mile - painful to do all those laps, but my girl kept me motivated).  My daughter was disappointed that she can't use most of the equipment so we did a bunch of lunges, squats, situps, planks, etc so she felt like she got a good workout.  In the end we knocked out a couple miles plus all the strength work.  Later my husband wanted to go on a walk to discuss some things on our minds so we got in another couple of miles. + FB = 6 points
This was the only time I wasn't winning (as I wasn't playing) LOL
Friday 12/27 - Got up early and rode in a car for nearly 3 hours to spend time with my extended family (very small that it is) at my aunt's house.  It was great to visit, but the day was pretty shot by the time we spent nearly another 3 hours in the car on the way home.  Thankfully, the bike trainer is darn handy and not out in the cold.  Set up my Netflix and knocked out 10.2 miles before cleaning up and heading off to bed.  I also managed to pass on soda at my aunt's house and drink water nearly all day for one additional point + FB = 5.4
My aunt and cousin - the extent of my blood relatives besides my sister/2 nephews/2 kids
Saturday 12/28 - Back to the gym to meet with one of the "Exercise Specialists".  I wasn't all that impressed with the workout plan that they set up for us.  I'll probably hire a trainer to come up with something better, but it was an introduction to several of the machines so not a big deal.  We did more reps for a more well rounded strength workout.  After we finished the kids and I jumped on some cardio equipment and got a couple more miles.  We were at the gym for about two hours.  There was some standing around as we were shown how to execute the exercises properly.  + FB = 6 points.

Week 6 Total = 32.5 points

Wrapping up this year and this challenge.  Going to go bundle up for another walk with my husband. 


  1. Good for you on the consistency! I've really been struggling with that lately. Hope your 2014 is fabulous in all ways.