Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HBBC 2013 - Weeks 1 & 2 + MMNW

I've had a rough start to the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2013.  The good news was that it caught the tail end of my relatively active Phoenix vacation.  I did some playing around with MapMyRide and managed to get some mileage estimates for a couple of my outings in Tempe and Phoenix.  So the summary of Week 1 (which I finally got the points in the spreadsheet TODAY - doh):


Sunday: Hiked 0.2 mi to the Hole in the Rock overlook plus walked 5.3 miles with all the trekking around IMAZ spectating.  We also did a fair amount of walking at the Botanical Gardens, but it was very slow with lots of stopping to looky-loo so I'm not counting it.  Fairly certain the only fruit I had was a slice of lime in my margarita and I'm pretty sure spinach dip doesn't count in the Freggie dept.  Drank lots of water while in the dry air so I'll give myself a point there. = 6.5 points

Monday: Hiked 3.7 miles to top of Sunrise Mountain in Peoria, AZ.  Again a freggie fail.  Three 16 oz waters, so just short of a water point (especially since I also had a margarita and a soda). = 3.7 points

See my water cup?
Tuesday: I don't think I did anything even resembling being on a diet as I stressed to play catchup from being gone for the better part of a week.

Wednesday: Freggie/water fail.  HBBC guilt sent me out the door for 2.9 miles in my neighborhood.  = 2.9 points

Thursday: Walked with husband 2.0 miles = 2.0 points

Friday: Fail again. 

Saturday: Fail. Walked with husband 2.0 miles = 2.0 points

Facebook group points - I'm pretty sure I posted in the group at least once. 

Total Points for Week #1: 18.1

11/24 - 11/30

Sunday: Fail - plus gorged myself at charity breakfast

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: Fail

Thursday (Thanksgiving): Thanksgiving Pie Run (aka Turkey Trot) 5K with my sister; freggie fail (I won't count veggies coated in cheese or in rice casseroles; ate enough mashed potatoes that I should have skipped dessert) = 3.2 points (race a little long)

Friday: Spent time with extended family.  Went out to dinner and had a salad, but also a burger.  Not enough freggies as usual.  Walked with my husband - 2.0 miles. = 2 points

Saturday:  Took daughter and niece to pool.  Knocked out 2000 yards with lots of resting - 1 hour plus some play time with the kiddos.  Calling it 4 points (1 pt/15 min of laps).  Drank a bottled water at the pool concession.  Drank coke most of the rest of the day.  Nutrition fail.  = 4 points

Posted in FB group at least once = 1 point

Total points for Week #2: 10.2

12/1 - Sunday: Didn't overindulge in pancakes after mass; drank water most of the day (only one 12 oz coke); ate entire broccoli crown plus half cucumber with dinner plus a banana for finally getting one freggie point; ran 3.25 miles at dusk. FB group post = 6.25 points
Stormwater geeks run to detention basins and back (Walmart's specifically)

12/2 - Monday: Overindulged both breakfast and dinner (though sadly I don't think lettuce and tomato on my burger count much as a freggie point); only a little water and mostly after my 3.5 mile run with Stacy (which felt much better than most of my runs - huh, imagine that!). = 3.5 points

Kind of feeling like trying a "streak" of some kind.  Mostly because the numbers on the scale have slowly been creeping up on me.  MMNW was 168.4.  I had been solidly in the low 160s with even seeing the rare 159 only a few months ago.  I know the nutrition has been a big fail.  So has the soda drinking.  And I haven't been as consistent with working out.  So I think my "streak" will to just do SOMETHING every day.   My husband got my bike all set up on the trainer (even installing my new cadence/speed sensor so I can get a "distance" - belated Happy Birthday to me!).  So that is my new goal for December.  Will probably run tonight since it is supposed to be our last warmish evening for a while.  Fingers crossed I can stick with it!  I'd really like to see the scale move back down during this crazy holiday season!  It's been done in the past (HBBC 2011) so let's just see!

Definitely thankful for Amanda and her HBBC 2013!

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