Saturday, December 21, 2013

HBBC Weeks 4/5 + Jingle Bell Hell Part Deux

The workout streak is alive and well (22 days!).  But with the craziness of the holidays, my eating/drinking hasn't been as stellar as I'd like.  I guess that isn't really a surprise.  On top of it, I had a few days this week of feeling a little puny with a throat feeling like sandpaper.  But at a minimum every day (even on days I really didn't feel like it), I got out for a brisk walk with my tall husband (thus super fast paced because of his crazy long legs).  But for a bit of an update on my Bootie Busting progress:

Week 4:

Sunday 12/8: 13 miles on bike trainer - 4.3 pts + FB = 5.3

Monday 12/9: 8.76 miles on bike trainer (a win after a long night of shopping had me wanting to just bag this workout) + FB = 3.9

Tuesday 12/10: Ran before (and partly during) my daughter's piano lesson for 4.1 miles + FB = 5.1

Wednesday 12/11: 15.5 miles on bike trainer = 5.1

Thursday 12/12: 4.2 miles with Susan on the Greenway + FB (plus a win when I chose to eat a healthy breakfast of fruit/oatmeal instead of a coke at McDs) = 5.2
We were smiling even though it was 20 degrees -
annoying that it got up into the 40's later in the afternoon
Friday 12/13: 10 miles on bike trainer while I was accidentally scorching the chili I had on the stove for our neighborhood party (oops) = 3.3 (but ate way too much along with a couple of margaritas at the party - no clean eating bonus points here)

Saturday 12/14: Was supposed to Jingle Bell Run in Columbia with my daughter, but the event was canceled at 5:50 AM (before 8 AM race) due to ice and snow; snuggled back into bed and then late in the afternoon headed out for a very cold and slightly slushy 2 mile walk with husband + FB = 3

Week 4 Total = 30.9

Week 5:

Sunday 12/15: Bike trainer workout in the evening for 10 miles while husband supervised both kids at archery team practice + FB = 4.3

Monday 12/16: Neighborhood run in lovely weather (balmy 32 degrees) for 3.2 miles + FB = 4.2

Tuesday 12/17: Feeling kind of puny - Just a brisk walk for 2 miles (though honestly I felt a little better after going - maybe I should have tried to do it earlier in the day) + FB = 3

Wednesday 12/18: Hair appointment, shopping ALL day, picked up kids and only was up for a 2 mile walk with husband + FB = 3

Thursday 12/19: Fantastic run in 50ish degree weather on the Greenway with Susan for 6 miles and later conceded to walking with husband for another 2 miles - banner workout day!  FB for 9 points total.
I really love how much fun you can see we were having here -
about half way through our run in front of County Park Lake which still has a skim of ice across it

Friday 12/20:  Busy day doing some last minute shopping.  Cold walk with husband in the late afternoon on a dreary cloudy day for 2 miles.

Saturday 12/21: Jingle Bell Hell (Part Deux) - I got the weekend dates wrong so I recently tweeted to XLMIC that I would be doing a Part Deux (which she loved) and on the day of her in person (with donuts) run.  But there were no donuts for me.  Nor California sunshine.  Instead, the day dawned with freezing rain and temps hovering right about freezing.  I thought that sounded hellish enough, but my husband suggested some hill repeats for good measure.  I'm not a big fan of those so I thought it was perfect.  He prescribed that I go to the bottom of the steep hill, back up to the top of a cul-de-sac (which is back over my shoulder in the pic below) and then back down to the bottom and repeat 2x.  Turned out that was going to be a little short distance wise so I added a length down to the Wavco driveway on the last leg and then added the short hill that I live on for a solid 3.5 miles!  FB'd about my run for the extra point = 4.5 pts
Why am I smiling for hill repeats in freezing rain?

Maybe it was imaging what people thought of my elf-like socks and my husband's oversized sweatshirt so that I "matched"

Week 5 Total: 30 points!  Now if only I could clean up my eating!  Scale has been a bit all over the place hovering around 165.  It's dipped down a little and jumped up a little, but seems relatively settled which I call good for the holiday season.  Now if I only get extra points for all the wrapping I need to do.


  1. Way to keep your workout streak going!

  2. I've had a terrible time with my eating in this past week. Sigh.

    Great job getting out there in the cold. Definitely looks like you guys are having fun...thank goodness for running friends!

  3. i have faith in you that you'll get the eating on track :) Sorry the run was cancelled that's kind of a bummer!