Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tight on Time (SUAS)

I got up early enough this morning to shave all the appropriate things in order to hit the pool this afternoon.  But I got hung up a little at the office helping the surveyor fix an easement description (I really should have drawn the easement centered on the sewer instead of offset by 2').  I was really tight on time and briefly thought about skipping my workout, but decided to suck it up and swim (SUAS).  I decided that I would knock out 1000 yards come hell or high water. 

I fought my way across town, ran into the ARC, stripped and put on my suit in record speed and headed to the lap lanes.  I did 20 laps (1000 yards) in about 25 minutes (yes, I know I am slow), jumped right back out, dressed while still basically dripping wet and dashed out the door in order to get home with 6 minutes to spare in leaving to take my daughter to her piano lesson.  Speed limits may or may not have been violated.

I felt a twinge in my ankle the first lap or so, but that quickly subsided (though I probably didn't kick as hard after that).  Will have to continue low impact exercise this week.  Crossing my fingers I can take a short bike ride tomorrow afternoon.  Temps aren't supposed to be all that bad, but 50% chance of rain.  Luck be on my side!

Swim: 15,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 804.9 mi / 1000
Run: 334.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 165

HBBC Points: 2.5 points


  1. I hope your ankle holds up and that you heal quickly!!!!

    Always hard to squeeze in those workouts so we don't leave our kids hanging!!! Great job!

  2. That running goal is so close, you'll get it for sure.

    What's the route of the TDC out of curiosity?