Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mind Numbing

I'm really not sure whether riding the trainer is doing more for training my body or my mind.  Because holy hell - is it boring!  I need to figure out a way to set my laptop up next to the bike so that my ear buds will stretch far enough.  I didn't spend a ton of money on my trainer and it is a bit loud so I think the ear buds will be necessary.  I think an old school wooden TV tray that I have will do the trick, but I didn't think of it in my early morning haze today.

Backing up a little:  Christmas day turned gray and cold and windy.  I was busy from the time I got up until nearly dark with gift opening, 8 AM mass, food prep, family lunch/gift opening, family visiting, etc.  I had full intention of doing the virtual 5K, but as it got later - my motivation waned.  My husband said he was going to go for a walk before it got dark and I decided to go with him.  My sis-in-law joined us.  Man it was cold.  Wished I had on my running tights under my jeans.  But it was great to get out and move - even if just a tad over 2 miles at a brisk walk.  So much for a 5K.  Time with family is so important.  Did spend quite a bit of time after we got back cleaning up the mess from having 7 adults and 8 children in our house all day.  We kept the meal simple with soup, chili, hot dogs (for kids) and mini-sandwiches.  I did get a few veggies in since I had talked my father-in-law into bringing a veggie tray.  Still way overate though - my gut wasn't right all night.

Yesterday I tried to get up and moving pretty early as I am way behind on a project that needs to bid early next month.  I went to the office and got to work on the specifications.  I spent most of the day on it, but lost motivation late afternoon and started surfing blogs.  Oops.  I did work on another project that a contractor had called on for a bit.  But it got late on me fast and I headed home for dinner (having skipped lunch and was totally starving).  A couple bowls of leftover chili and my tank was topped off, but I still had stuff to do around the house and then chilled out with Netflix.  Should have worked out.

Got up early this morning and jumped on the trainer by 6:30.  I drank a bottle of water while on it and listened to music.  I spent an hour talking myself out of cutting it short.  I played with resistance some and cadence some and tried to distract myself with the music and thinking about what all I need to do today.  But in the end, I was super glad when my watch said my hour was up.  Got showered up and sent my husband off with my daughter for an early basketball practice.  She is in a tournament this weekend and I nearly spaced that her practice was at 8:30 this morning.  It is hard for me to grasp that it is Thursday already!  Decided to stay home and work for a bit (surfing the blogs first of course - LOL).  Need to get a couple invoices pulled together so I'd better get at it. 

Swim: 15,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 830.9 mi / 1000
Run: 334.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 156

HBBC Points: 4.3 points


  1. personally I love the trainer. an hour of pedaling is an hour of pedaling, so for me it serves its purpose. I bought some cheap wireless headphones that attach to my TV so I can watch anything DVR'd and not have to have it up loud enough to raise the dead. The trainer is convenient for my weekday rides.

  2. I bought a pair of over the ear headphones from Target for $20 or so - with a 20' cord, I can easily reach the dvd player, my preferred distraction on the trainer.

  3. Cool, my two favorite topics - bikes and music. The Christmas presents keep coming...

    Try this next time on the trainer -

    10 mins warm-up

    10 x 30 secs as hard as you can go/1:00 recovery. Use a "hard as you can go" effort that you can hold for all 10.

    10 mins cool-down.

    this is just over 45 minutes. Trainer time should be short but more intense. The intervals will make the time seem like it's going faster. From here you can try different sets of intervals.

    As to headphones:!pla!!!22278234874!g!!6892553434&gclid=CIWGhvmZu7QCFWrZQgod3UQA1Q

    Not the least expensive but man oh man they are miles ahead of anything out there until you get to pro-grade super expensive ear-in systems.

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  5. SO worth it to figure out something to get your laptop or longer earbuds or wireless buds or something to get you through the winter trainer days!!!!

  6. I park my trainer in front of a TV and watch a movie or Netflix. I have a Velcro strip on my aero aero bars and bottom of the TV remotes to prevent the remote from falling.

    That said, I haven't hit the trainer yet this winter so kudos for taking that step!

  7. I have never gotten into a trainer. I had one once 10 years ago but with Florida and TX living I have never had to dig it out of storage (in fact I think it is gone)

    I am convinced if I lived up north I would be the OneHourCouchPotato

  8. I find that getting on the trainer with a cycling video is super helpful. I use Coach troy's Spinervals DVDs but I have also heard good things about Sufferfest. These videos will make you stronger and ready for the road once spring gets here!