Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sick Kids/Quick Evening Run

By the time we got home from mass this morning, my daughter was looking all worn out and sure enough she was running a fever.  She tucked herself into bed without even taking off her jacket and promptly zonked out.  She got up and we made the executive decision to keep her home for the day.  So no basketball game and no trip to the farm and no parish fall supper.  Instead, she rested a bunch more and then we had a Christmas movie marathon.

In the meantime, my husband and I finished adding some Christmas lights/decorations outside (sweating in the 70° temps).  Then he left for the farm and I did some laundry.  Pretty low key day here.  The kids took some medicine and were feeling a bit better (the curse of medicine for children because they don't think they are sick anymore when the symptoms have abated and seem shocked when they come back) - so they called dad to bring takeout from the fall supper.  By 7 PM, they ate a little of the food brought home, but there will be plenty for tomorrow.  In all likelihood, I'll be home with one or both of them - depending on the fevers.  Ugh.

But just as I sat digesting the 2.5 pieces of fried chicken I'd had for dinner, Stacy called and asked if I wanted to "Just Dance".  I try to save that type of workout for the nasty weather days and at 8:00 PM, it was still in the 60s!  So we decided to go for a short run after a small arm twist (her getting me out the door - not so much skipping the video game).  I really wasn't feeling it, but I slogged through.  We ran to Walmart (top of hill) and back for 3.3 miles.

I did better on veggies today at lunch (squash/mushroom stir fry), but I don't consider the corn and mashed potatoes for dinner a "good" thing.  And donuts for breakfast wasn't a good one either.  So I still consider it a freggie fail.  Tomorrow is a new day though.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 804.9 mi / 1000
Run: 326.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 181

HBBC Points = 3.3


  1. Hope your kiddos are feeling better tomorrow!

  2. We had a sick one yesterday as well. I think you'll stil lreach your running and cycling goals!

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  4. Cool that you have an anonymous follower, he/she sounds sincere. Ian was sick and then Mary. And it also rained and I noticed our storm run-off channels seemed a little full and gross. Might need you out here.