Sunday, April 29, 2012

O Solo Me-O

Yesterday slipped away without me having much of an idea where it even went.  My son left for Branson with a friend about 8:30 in the middle of the craziness of our neighborhood garage sales (though I didn't have one, I helped a neighbor with hers because I had stuck a few things of ours in it.  Plus the first hour is always insane.  Puttered around with the garage sales most of the morning.  Afternoon slipped away with laundry and some blog reading time plus watching a movie with my girl (Dolphin Tale).  Before long it was time to change for my date. 

Date night was relatively uneventful.  We really should get out more because when we finally did we were both a bit stumped on what to do - though bad luck plagued us trying to make plans.  My husband isn't big on movies, but had two he was kind of interested in.  Both were playing last week.  Both left their respective theatres on Friday. Grrr... We tried to go out to a winery that was supposed to have live music on Saturday nights.  After 15 min curvy drive out there, it was closed for the winter?!  WTF?!  We hardly had a winter and it has been springlike here since damned near Feb!  We settled for a margarita and a quesadilla at the Mexican joint on the way back into town.  Then gave up and went home.  We did go look around at Kohls for my Mother's Day gift (found a nice robe - all I have is a winter weight one) and then looked at a couple of places before purchasing some cushions for our porch chairs.  Got home and found out that they didn't fit.  Such is life.  Returned them today and got ones that did.  My bad for not measuring.  We did sneak in about a mile walk at the nature center which was sweet.  He said I couldn't complain to anyone about our lame date - it wasn't like we didn't try to do better. 

Today was church, big breakfast fundraiser (oh, we ate so much) and then reading the paper and chilling out.  Lowes trip in there somewhere, but the day slipped away again.  I tried about 3x to convince Susan to meet up for a run.  Struck out.  Called Stacy - struck out again.  So it was time to suck it up and go solo.  It was closing in on 8:00 so I put on my bright orange shirt (with reflective details) and headed out.  Got pretty dark on me, but knocked out 3.55 mi.

Need to count up the weeks, but I think it is time to get more organized about training for Pewaukee in July.  I haven't been in the pool since finishing the CTER 140.6 and that isn't cool.  My biking is coming along as is my running.  But need to do some strength training and go looking for my inner shark.  Kick me if I don't go to the pool this week! :)


  1. We have a hard time with date nights, too. The winery thing sounds awesome...stinks that it was closed. And...yeah...winter?? Please.

  2. Didn't they know that it's no longer winter??? :) At least you still got out for date night. I am jealous. haven't seen one of those in a long time. Guess I better schedule one!

  3. Way to get your run in!

    Date night for us has migrated to lunch dates instead of going out at night. Easier to fit in and less problems trying to figure out what to do :-)

  4. I need to go to he pool this week too so let's keep each other in line!