Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Katy Trail in the Sunshine

Tuesday comes and it is like my body knows that it is time to run with Susan.  I texted her last night and we decided to meet up at 9 AM at the Katy Trail.  I've been feeling a little twinge here and there (arch of foot, shins, knee, ITB) and just didn't want to beat the pavement.  The trail is a bit more forgiving with its gravel surface and flat terrain.  It was cool and super foggy when I got up this morning, but the sun came out by the time I left to meet her and I ended up only mildly cold in my tech tee and capris.  We headed east on the trail and there is a lot of shade there.  I was perfect in the sunshine, but under the tree canopy it was cooler (especially given the moist air from all our recent rain).  We did 4.4 miles and then shared an orange before going our separate ways. 

I convinced her to go splurge on a new pair of running shoes for her birthday this week.  Why is it that many of us struggle with spending money on ourselves (especially the moms)?  I swear, her shoes were long overdue replacing!  She called me a little later and told me she had gone to the running store in Columbia and got a gait analysis and properly fitted for a great new pair and I was just so pleased for her.  I'm going to see if I can find some kind of new top for her at the Nike outlet when I head to the lake this week for a conference.  Would love to wrap that up for her to thank her for all her friendship and support for my slow running this winter.

Better get some work done.  Woke up at 2 AM and had trouble getting back to sleep as I thought about my crazy to do list.  Enough procrastinating!


  1. Sounds like a cool run. I'd like to trail run more but I am terrified of snakes, so i can only go in the winter.

    1. The Katy Trail is an old railroad bed and while there is some wildlife out there (Susan didn't like how close a turkey buzzard swooped down above our heads today), it isn't like running "in the woods". It is a great place to get out in nature with mile markers and a pretty "controled" environment. No snakes today!

  2. I have a lot of happy Katy Trails memories. I've never actually run there, though, other than a short stretch that was part of a race this summer.

    I just replaced my trail shoes and in a couple months will hopefully be getting some new road shoes. It's so long overdue!

  3. Nice run! So true about replacing shoes. Worn out shoes can cause injuries. Running on a softer surface is a good idea too when possible.

  4. I love getting new shoes and just order a new pair of Brooks PureConnects!

  5. I envy you folks that have nice wide open trails for running. I would love to do some of that on my next visit to the mainland.

    I always feel a little guilty about buying new running shoes... and then I buy them anyway!