Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweating with Friends

Shouldn't there be an app like that?  Who needs to play with WORDS?!  LOL - apparently Alyssa and Stacy as Alyssa was complaining about some 60+ point word Stacy threw out ("Dandiest" in case you play).  Nope - I think we should all have an app where we can work out together - sharing our groans, cuss words and farts.  Good times.

At the last minute, Stacy called for a workout meetup (another 8:30 PM workout, but better than skipping).  Except she wanted to meet at Alyssa's which is about 0.56 mi from my house (I mapped it - because I am a goober that tracks that stuff).  It was for some of the beloved time with Tony Horton - P90X baby!  So I ran there, sweated my ass off with three friends and ran back.  I even proclaimed how that made me a "Superstar" during the Mary Catherine moves on one part of the DVD.  LOL  Two of the three friends ate something today that stank up the room.  It was like SUAR herself was there!  Women after her own heart (or is that colon) anyway. 

Dh thinks he'll be home from the state Knights of Columbus meeting fairly early in the afternoon because he is going to mow so I may sneak off for a run or something if the weather cooperates (and maybe even if it doesn't completely).  Then it will be time to figure out what to wear for date night. :)

Alyssa, Colleen and Stacy are truly rock stars!!  Thanks guys!!  Do you ever sweat with friends? 


  1. Haha... I can tell you are doing your P90X with your Tony Horton quotes!!!

  2. Don't usually sweat with friends but do pass plenty of gas :-).

  3. I love how often you do your workouts with friends. I wish I had more of that, but unfortunately aside from having people to ride with, I'm usually solo. As for the app, not an app per se, but the Nike Fuel Band might be a fun way to share activities with friends. You can log things on FB and Twitter and set goals and challenges. I totally want one, haven't gotten it yet and I don't work for Nike (wish I did) but just thought it looked cool!

  4. That actually sounds like a lot of fun :)