Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keeping the Streak Alive!

I told my sister the other day that maybe my big goal this year is to keep my workout streak alive for a whole year - until Thanksgiving 2014!  I'm not sure about that though in general I've been feeling a little wishy washy about developing my BHAG and race schedule.  But I enjoy tracking all of it and feel pretty good about some of the mileage I've racked up.

Wednesday 2/5/14: Weights and 2 miles on dreadmill at Healthplex after two long snow days at home with kids

Thursday 2/6/14: 2 mile hike through the snow with my husband

Friday 2/7/14: fun family Friday night at the Healthplex = 2 miles plus weights
Me and my girl strengthening our core
Saturday 2/8/14: Walked 2 cold brisk miles in between basketball tournament games so we could go out afterwards to celebrate sis-in-law's 40th birthday

My girl playing her heart out

Hubs and sister celebrating at Paddy's
Sunday 2/9/14: Up early for basketball tournament game; off to scout mass at 11:30; catch breath in time to go to archery tournament (where both kids shot PRs - daughter got 2nd in 4th grade girls!); slip slide to McDs for celebratory cokes before cranking out 21 miles on the bike trainer.  BAM! Felt pretty good to rack up so many miles in just 8 days (62+10+21=93!)
Sparx Basketball girls
Daughter in the midst of shooting 240/300 - her best score ever!
Son also shooting a strong score
Monday 2/10/14: 2 miles on treadmill plus weights at the Healthplex

Tuesday 2/11/14: 2 mile cold walk with my husband; still a fair bit of snow on the sidewalks and streets, but we managed to get it done.

Wednesday 2/12/14: 10 bike trainer miles just before bed after crazy long, busy day - boy was this a day I really didn't want to get a workout in. But the workout streak lives and I had the 30 minutes before I went to bed.  Really no excuse not to get it done.
Some good speed on a night that I didn't even feel like getting on for more than half hour
Thursday 2/13/14: 5 mile run with Susan after sorting boxes of Girl Scout cookies for delivery;

Lots of cookies to deliver!
We got interrupted with a minor kid emergency, but she came back and we got it done - and with enough time to run out to Walmart for some easy valentines for my 7th grade boy who thinks the holiday is just short of stupid.

Swim = 2.47 mi
Bike =226.6 mi
Run/Walk = 66.75 mi
Strength workouts = 13


  1. Nice job keeping the streak going!

  2. Go girl!!!! Keep that streak alive!!!

  3. Way to keep the streak going, specially through winter! Hopefully spring will be here soon making it easier to keep the streak alive.