Saturday, February 22, 2014

2 Miler Week

You'd almost think I couldn't seem to go further than 2 miles when you see how many 2 mile workouts I got in this week.  Between my brisk walks with my husband or 2 treadmill miles with my weights workouts - seems to be a common distance for me.  But it all adds up. 

2/14/14:  Had wanted to go out for a romantic evening, but at the end of the day we decided to go to the healthplex and bring the kids along for a family night out.  Weights + 2 treadmill miles + Culvers Oreo Concrete - how romantic!

2/15/14: 2 mile cold walk with husband

2/16/14: Off to the healthplex with my husband - god bless him for getting my butt out the door to do weights and 2 treadmill miles.

2/17/14: Had planned to go to the pool, but worked my way through time to go home and didn't get it done.  Feeling like I should give up on triathlon.  Ugh!  2 mile walk to keep the streak alive.

2/18/14:  Back to the healthplex for weights and 2 treadmill miles.  Such a shame when the weather finally turned warmer, but always nice to spend some time with my husband. 

2/19/14:  I think my bike was feeling neglected so I jumped on the trainer for 13.5 miles.

2/20/14: Almost muggy morning run (4 miles) with Susan as a warm front moved through and we had a windy time out on the greenway.  After work, my husband and I went to the healthplex and I got in my time with the weight machines, did abs on the exercise ball and even squeezed in another 1.5 miles on the track/treadmill.  Go me!

2/21/14: Warm weather prevailed and after a busy day of work and a quick dinner out with my family I went on a nice breezy walk with my husband for an easy 2 miles.

Swim = 2.47 mi
Bike =240.1 mi
Run/Walk =84.25 mi
Strength workouts = 17


  1. Awesome you are still keeping the streak alive and even more awesome your husband is helping out! Keep it up!

  2. Like you said, it all adds up. My "2 miler" has been my 30 minute trainer rides when I don't get around to anything else. Better than nothing, but I need to up my game.

  3. Solid week! 2miles is always better than 0 miles!