Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Workouts

The weather in Missouri this weekend was amazing.  My idea of just about perfect (save some wind) - 70's, sunny.  Saturday we went to the Labor Day parade (no idea why it is always the weekend AFTER Labor Day) and actually had to move to a sunny spot in order not to be a little chilly.  Fall is slowly creeping into the air (not to worry - my luck is that it will get super hot at least once more).  Then my daughter went to a sleepover and I kind of kicked back watching "Prison Break" (TV Show) on Netflix.  Oops.  Killed a perfectly good biking afternoon (though watching my flag stand out straight made me less anxious to jump on my bike).

So after a quick trip to McD's for dinner (don't even get me started on how far off the rails my eating is), I decided to suck it up and go for a ride.  I decided to try to see what kind of pace I could get with a moderately hard effort for 45 min-hour.  I did a little over 15 miles in 1:02.  Pretty solid for me since I included 3 decent hills and one monster hill in there.  I did three interchange/Scholastic loops so there were plenty of flat miles in there too, but a solid ride.  And I felt it a little when I got out of bed this morning.

But another beautiful day dawned and, after mass, I mostly wasted it reading a good book and stalking a friend that was doing IMWI (his first).  The pics his wife put up on FB and his splits had me cheering like a crazy person in front of my screen.  His final time of 10:33.03 just had me stunned - and even that is placing 24th in his super speedy age group.  So proud of him as I know he has been working hard.  Ever inspired by anyone who can run a 8 min/mile once much less 26.2 times after a huge ass bike ride and long ass swim, I texted Stacy to see if she could go for a jog tonight.

Weather continued beautiful today and the kids played outside a ton.  Bill grilled us some pork chops for dinner and 8:30 was here before I knew it.  Threw on my running clothes right before she came and we headed out for 3.5 miles around my neighborhood (in the pitch dark, but there are some street lights - one of which is broken grrr).  Nothing crazy fast, but a workout nonetheless.

I did decide to sign up for the Prison Break next weekend.  I wish I hadn't thrown my mud run shoes away this week.  Grr...totally wasn't thinking on that one.  (big "L" on forehead)  Will have to see which shoes I'm going to sacrifice this time.  Totally stoked to hang with some of the Team Virtus folks and of course their best member Superkate!  Yay!!  I also have half of a disposable camera to use up on the course so I can share pics of both last weekend and next.


  1. Don't throw away your muddy shoes! You can wash them and they're good as new. Seriously. We clean our mud volleyball shoes...I've been using the same pair for 4 or 5 years!

    That's an astonishing time! Congrats to your friend!

    It was windy here, and while I rode further your pace by FAR outdid mine. Seems like the order of nearly every run or ride these days is HUMBLING. I'm just going to be grateful I can do it.

    I'm bringing a couple friends with me to the Prison Break, and we're planning on totally having a good time with no worries about pace. I don't even know what time the race starts (guess I'd better check that out, huh?), but we'll leave early that morning to head over. Ugh ugh ugh.

  2. Wow--it kills me that someone can do a 10:33 and still be in 24th place. Insane!

    Have a ball at Prison Break--a race with a name like that has to be fun!

  3. Did you say 15 miles in 1:02?

    I threw away my muddy shoes after the warrior dash too. This time I will make sure I keep them for the next mudder. I don't know what I was thinking.