Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slacker - sort of

I was sore after my 5K last weekend.  The race was OK.  The weather was relatively agreeable (great for Missouri in August).  I didn't have mom duties so I could just get up and go.  I started out at a comfortable pace and managed to hold on for a while, but I had to do a little walking.  I was annoyed that I couldn't push it more.  Had a couple friends run it who "don't run much" (their words) and still smoked me.  I know I need to not worry about that, but it is frustrating.  Turned out it was the same route as the Ava Brown Memorial run in April (or at least really close to the same route) and I did it an ass hair faster (8 seconds I think 35:52 if I remember correctly).  But I must have pushed a little or not stretched enough or something because I was sore.  Grr...

Some of the other "moms" from IC and one daughter who ran too (me on the right)
So I took it easy on Sunday.  Then I spent most of the next three days getting work done and picking up kids from school and getting through nightly homework - blowing off any workouts that I could have squeezed in had I really wanted to. 

Thursday morning (Susan's new day off) we agreed to meet at the Katy Trail for a long run (with plenty of walking - seriously, I'm just not a runner yet).  So we did 8.4 miles on a mostly shaded trail before it got too hot.  It was a nice time.  She really needed it mentally and maybe I did too.  The time always goes fast when we are together and I only was hurting a little towards the end.  I didn't get much else done on Thursday as the internet was down and I didn't feel like driving somewhere to work.  So I read the rest of a book and started another.  I'll do a book review post probably next week.

Friday and today have been more slacking.  Read the rest of that book and will start another probably.  Tomorrow is the Epic Mud Run near Columbia, MO put on my Ultramax Sports.  I'm looking forward to it as I've never done anything like it.  I'm also looking forward to sharing it with my husband and two other friends (though they didn't get in our wave - they are 40 min behind us).  Need to run out today and see if I can find a waterproof disposable camera to take with us.  I'm thinking there can be some truly "epic" pictures.  I've read there will be zombies, color, big slides and lots of mud.  Lucky for the race directors, Isaac has brought the first inch of rain we've had all summer.  Should be mostly gone by tomorrow, but leaving humidity in its wake.  The goal is to just finish and have a great time - I like that!


  1. I'm excited for you guys. I bet that mud run is a BLAST.

  2. I haven't considered a mud run yet but a lot of people say they are a blast. Have fun!

  3. The mud run sounds fun! I hope you find a water proof camera and get some cool pics.

  4. First, congrats on your run. You did it and that is all that matters. Speed will come!

    Second, I love the pic!

    Third, have fun this weekend.

    And finally, come to Redman so we can meet up!!! ;)

  5. Ooh! Mud run! Those are fun. Can't wait to read about it.