Monday, June 23, 2014

MMNW + More Motivation?

Well if having to report my MMNW as 173.4 isn't enough motivation for me to reign in my diet then I don't know what is.  Geez - I'm up over 10 pounds from this time last year.  WTF!  Late last year and earlier this year I was the most active (and the most consistently so) that I've ever been and the weight slowly crept on.  I know some of it is less than stellar diet habits that definitely rear their ugly head when I am under stress (life, work, etc).  But my only other guess is that I think I give myself a little extra slack in that department when I burn a lot of calories in workouts (or at least think I do).  So I suspect it was a little combination of those factors and some general laziness that contributed to it.  I'm still way healthier than I have been in the past, but I could stand at least a 10-20 pound weight loss without most people around me even noticing and 30 isn't really out of the realm of what the total loss should be.  Ugh!  Such a daunting task!

For me dieting (both the weight loss kind and the general healthy eating lifestyle kind) has always taken a certain amount of mental energy.  And in the last few months, I've just simply been a little short of that.  I know what to and what not to eat.  I know that if I plan out my meals on paper ahead of time I eat better more consistently.  I know that logging what I eat helps me control the urge to reach up in the cabinet for things that aren't so good for me.  I know that for solid weight loss like I am looking at that I am going to have to create a real calorie deficit (not just the imaginary one I have in my head).  I know that I drink too many calories (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  I know that I don't control portions as good as I should.  But for some reason, even though I've done so in the past (and been relatively successful at it), I can't seem to get myself motivated to put all this wonderful knowledge into action.

So what to do? Some days it is simply "do the best I can".  But I've relied on that too much lately and the scale shows that isn't really working.  Just needed to carve out the time and make a plan and then execute the plan.

In the meantime, Monday was not a "win". I sat in the car listening to a book on cd during my daughter's softball practice.  Should have gone for a run like last week.  Last night was slightly better.  Went to healthplex and lifted weights and walked a little.   Decided I would rather walk outside so we did our usual 2 miles at home.  Then today I stopped by Stephens Lake on the way home and put in about a half mile.  Annoyed that my garmin seemed to be shorting my distance in open water swim mode.  Must leave my left arm underwater too long.

So onward I push towards not completely sucking at the show me games in July. 

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