Monday, March 17, 2014

Luck of the Irish 5K, etc.

3/14/14: Busy day at work and then a night out with friends to a local Lenten fish fry.  I was also super sore after raising my weights on my workout the day before (plus adding the reverse lunges and step ups).  But I took my overstuffed gut on a little 2 mile walk with the hubs.  I only grimaced and whined a little.

3/15/14: The 2014 Luck of the Irish 5K was held on Saturday morning in downtown Jefferson City.  Once again, I ran it with my daughter.  I warned her that I might be holding her back due to my sore muscles.  But I managed a decent enough jog/walk.  I was pleasantly surprised as I was mildly uncomfortable, but never miserable.  It was pretty cool at the start so I went ahead with a jacket, but (as expected) wished I didn't have it on later. 
Pre-Race Pic!
We lined up kind of far back and I think they only had the timing chip sensor
 at the end so you had clock time running while you waited to get to the front - grrr.

She has really improved each year.  In 2012, she ran it in 40:04 (almost age 8).  In 2013, she ran it in 36:47 (almost age 9).  This year, she PR'd the race in 35:38 (almost age 10).  And as usual, I came in shortly behind her in 35:51.  She was disappointed with coming in 8th in the 10 and under females.  Those are some speedy little girls!  The 40-49 women were equally swift - I managed 23rd in my age group.  But no one is ever surprised that I didn't medal.  LOL  I did pace off my friend Susan's dad who was 3rd in his age group (70+ males).  There were no women in that age group so I just have to hang on 30 more years!

A little red faced after her finish, but giving me a "strong" pose!

Me and my girl after cooling off a bit - lovely sunshiney day!
It was so nice out in the afternoon that I went ahead with my husband on his 2 mile evening walk too.

3/16/14: Decided I had better get on the bike for once.  But I had a full afternoon of running kids to practices (softall and archery).  I was less than motivated.  So I just jumped on the trainer for 40 min.  Not sure if I just wasn't pushing it enough or if the changing of the trainer flat has some resistance stuff out of whack, but I was struggling to get the 11+ mph for a lowly 7.2 miles.

3/17/14:  Headed to work in Columbia today.  Finally got a site plan for a parking lot expansion submitted to the City.  Then met a few of my women engineer friends for lunch.  St. Pat's corned beef and cabbage at Flat Branch!  Yummy!
Love these girls!
Then I was off to buy new running shoes.  YAY!  I hadn't gotten new ones since October and I was overdue.  I picked up a pair of Asics 3000s AND another pair of Brooks Adrenalines.  Since the temps were still in the 40's after I dropped daughter off at volleyball and finished my grocery shopping, I decided to test out my new Asics shoes and donned a green running shirt (didn't want to get pinched on my run) for 2 quick-(ish) miles. Oh and I played with a photo grid app. 

Swim = 2.47 mi (can't seem to get motivated to get in the pool!)
Bike = 273.1 mi
Run/Walk = 114.55 mi
Strength workouts = 19

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  1. Awe, I love that you two ran the race together - again! So fun. Congrats on the new shoes and the project.